I have been performing, composing, singing, writing songs and making records for over twenty years. I play clarinet and guitar, and have studied with numerous instrumental and vocal teachers. My musical projects draw on folk or traditional forms, and experiment with them in subtle or dramatic ways.

I began in Montreal with the indie-folk group Sackville, which put out a series of albums including The Principles of Science (1998) and Natural Life (2001). In the early 2000s, I was one of the founders of the avant-Yiddish ensemble Black Ox Orkestar, which released two acclaimed albums on Constellation Records: Ver Tanzt? (2004) and Nisht Azoy (2006). Both of these projects toured widely. In 2004, I made my first solo record as The Wild Lawns, Lie in Shade. In Montreal and Toronto, I have worked with numerous musicians and composers who experiment with traditional forms, including Sam Shalabi and VOISA.

Currently, I perform on my own as Gabe Levine, and with other groups including the vocal ensemble Kith&Kin. My album Long Spun Thread, a collaboration with producer Sandro Perri, was released in 2010. I am working on a follow-up, tentatively titled Holy Relics, for eventual release.

You can listen, download, and order music here.

Long Spun THread - video by Matt Skwiderski

Levine’s creativity never derails the beauty of his songs, it only enhances them. The ten-song effort is delicate, sensual, warm and still, progressive… Levine subtly captivates the listener.
— herohill.com
...warm breezes of soft rock, Old World folk, quirky pop music and quietly eccentric experimentations.
— Ottawa Xpress